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Florida Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 2:  Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage

Proposed by:  Petition drive carried out by Florida For A Fair Wage, which was heavily funded by Orlando attorney John Morgan per South Florida Sun Sentinel.

What it would do:  Florida’s $8.56-per-hour minimum wage would be raised to $10 per hour effective Sept. 30, 2021. The wage would increase by $1 per hour until it reaches $15 per hour in 2026. From that point forward, the wage would be adjusted annually for inflation.

FHBA position:  The Florida Home Builders Association stands with small businesses in opposition to Amendment Two.  As we begin to rebound from a worldwide pandemic and high unemployment, putting more strain on already depleted payrolls is not the solution for an economic recovery. Further, for every $1,000.00 increase in the median new home price, 10,274 Florida Households are priced out of the marketplace.  Lastly, minimum wages should be addressed in the Florida Legislature, not the Constitution of the State of Florida. Now is not the time to increase costs, VOTE NO ON 2.